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Trends for Winter 2019

So anyone else a bit bummed out summer is over ? While the nights draw in and the temperature drops now is the time to think about how to revamp your bathroom for those warm cosy baths on a cold winter night.

So over the next few weeks we will run through our top picks for trends this year. They don't have to be in your face, subtle hints of trends here and there are enough to keep you feeling chic and up to date without stepping miles outside your comfort zone.

So first up is darker tones in the bathroom. Now I know what you're thinking .isn't that ... well ….dark !? But hear me out. Adding black accessories like light fixtures, handles, mirror rims, faucets will bring this trend into your home without overpowering the room. Take a look at the example below. Very easy to achieve

Next up is adding sleek storage space to keep clutter at bay creating a fresh, neat looking room. In today's world we want things as organised as possible. Adding wall vanities keeps it compact and built in shelving is perfect for storing extra towels etc. in a guest bathroom.

And finally for this week, adding wooden accents is back on trend. We've already seen how well wood marries with metal in industrial style bathrooms and it creates a warm cosy feel. Now you don't have to transform your home into a log cabin as pictured below, although how amazing would a log cabin be to retreat after a long week at work ! You can once again add small accessories, wooden vanities, floating vanities, wooden accents on light fixtures, the possibilities are endless.

Keep up to date on instagram for our next blog post to continue exploring Trends for winter 2019.

But remember whatever trend draws you in, it's your home and you can pick and choose whatever suits your individual style, perhaps you have your own ideas, if so pop in store and share them with us and let us help you bring your ideas to life !

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