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Trends for winter 2019 part 2

Continuing our trends for winter 2019, firstly making an appearance a number of years ago but staying a firm contender is bringing nature indoors. Whether that be as simple as a pot plant in your bathroom, adding a natural palette colour choice in muted greens or if you're really lucky having a bathroom with a view can be enough to create your very own oasis.

Brass fittings and fixtures are making a huge statement but in subtle ways, adding them with dark grey stone basins, gleaming white tubs or hanging light fixtures, the possibilities are endless, why not explore this trend to create a luxurious feel in your bathroom.

And yes patterned tiles are staying about for another season or four, the choices are amazing, perhaps creating a mediterrian style bathroom or adding monochrome to bring the chic urban style back home, with so many to choose from you can still create a unique room that suits your personality and taste.

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